Media Features – مقابلات ومقالات

A feature on Syria Before 2011, The National newspaper, UAE, November 2019:

Interview with Emergeast, Qatar, October 2019:

Interview with Mvslim, Belgium, October 2017:

Interview with Photo Image Gallery, Belgium, July 2018:

A feature, Lungs Project, UK, 2018:

“Artist of the Month”, Artmejo, Jordan, July 2018:

Featured artworks, Scene Arabia, UAE, November 2019:

A feature on Jaffat El Aqlam, UAE, January 2018:

A feature on “The Lebanese Way” series, Khabar Keslan, December 2017:

Artwork featured on the front page, Jordan Times, Jordan, July 2018:

Featured artwork and statement (in Arabic), Al Arab newspaper,UK November 2019:

A feature, Artefact Magazine, UK, June 2016:

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